Project Delivery

Areas of Expertise

Include amongst others physical oceanography, marine biology, marine ecology, marine chemistry, geophysics, geotechnics, geology, marine engineering and environmental sciences.

Feasibility and Desktop Studies

These bring objective and rational focus to project planning and design. Information from scientific, engineering, regulatory and other relevant sources are analysed to provide an integrated approach to execution and implementation. The objective is to mitigate risk, highlight opportunities and increase the probability of success.


Design, Specification and Tendering

We can provide procedures, method statements, execution plans, systems

specifications, personnel plans, budgets, forms of contract, tolerances and other

prerequisites for successful project execution and implementation.


Project Management - Offshore Survey - UXO Clearance - Installation

Projects can be large, complex and costly. A great deal is at stake and the

challenges are considerable - securing satisfactory returns on investment, managing

different objectives and risk tolerances, staffing and proactive decision-making

without delays.

The benefits we bring include:

- Cost-effectiveness.

- Effective problem-solving.

- Proactive decision-making and communication.

- A basis for continuous improvement.

- Reduced risk of loss in profitability.

Project Audit & Review

A successful project should meet both external and internal standards and objectives.

A review facilitates continuous improvements and ensures that end objectives are

met by applying appropriate metrics and criteria during and on completion of a