Business Delivery

Business Planning & Development

Business plans state objectives, the rational for achieving them and the processes to be followed to do so. Business development support provides research into new businesses, products and services, with an emphasis on attracting new customers, penetrating existing markets and creating new markets. All facets of the business/product/service, organisation, resourcing, financial modelling and sales/marketing are explored.


Sales & Marketing

Cetus has provided sales support to the survey, oil & gas, renewable energy,

telecommunication, dredging, environmental, reclamation and defence sectors.

Market studies have been conducted for a new-build cable-laying vessel, geophysical burial assessment system, excavation technology, global mining activities, earth observation products, advanced shallow seismic processing system and an offshore sector ‘IT logistics centre’.


Business Unit Start-Up & Management

Cetus can take full responsibility for starting up contracting and consulting

operations on behalf of Customers. The company has the experience to successfully engage supply, customer and regulatory stakeholders in order to maximise the probability of success.


Commercial & Contract Management

Cetus has reviewed, designed and prepared contracts and subcontracts

for the geophysical, construction, inspection, telecommunication, IT, dredging,

reclamation and defence sectors.


Organisational Development

Management structure, HR and and organisational change reviews.